About Riders Retreat

Riders Retreat was set up in 2003 by Paul Thomas and Alan Milway who had met at The University of Birmingham jointly running the hugely successful mountain bike club there.

Having graduated the pair wanted to take their passion for mountain biking and a good working partnership to create a business in the favourite mountain biking spot - Morzine.

Alan has since left Riders Retreat to pursue a successful coaching career (caoaching the likes of Danny Hart and The Athertons) leaving Paul to run the show.

Riders Retreat has always been a popular choice among keen cyclists due to involvement in the mountain bike scene, through downhill racing as well as attending various events and general riding throughout the UK and aborad.

The key to Riders Retreat's success is our clear focus - always providing mountain bike holidays we would want to go on ourselves and employing great members of staff.

Meet the staff

Paul Thomas - co-founder/owner

Paul Thomas

A keen mountain biker, motocross rider, rock climber and snowboarder Paul's main duties in the company are now answering emails and dealing with bookings - as well as trying to meet as many of the guests as possible.

Applying for a job

Due to the way Riders Retreat is run, we don't currently employ any staff directly.

If you're interested in working in Morzine, why not read our jobs advice.