Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you arrange transfers?

Transfers can be arranged through Ski Lifts who are very used to bringing bikes and people to Morzine. This link gets you a 10% discount on their normal rates. Prices vary depending on the numbers traveling, so for a quote please check the Ski Lifts website.

What kind of insurance do we need?

Travel insurance is requirement of your booking with Riders Retreat.

We recommend that you take medical/equipment insurance specifically for extreme/mountain activities - most travel policies will not cover you for downhill mountain biking.

Please ensure that you have adequate insurance for your equipment - sadly thieves have been known to operate in this area.

We recommend a company such as we have been very satisfied with their service in the past.

Can we hire bikes?

Most people prefer to bring their own. If you have your own good quality mountain bike we'd recommend bringing that with you as rental costs are high and you'll be used to your own bike. Most airlines charge a fee to bring your bike, but it is typically cheaper than bike hire.

If you do want to hire bikes we recommend Torico Morzine, where you will receive 5% off the rental price.

Do we need to bring tools?

If you have a specific tool to your equipment, or you need a tool often it would be worth bringing it with you.

It is also highly recommended to bring something like a CamelBak with a trail tool and spare innertubes, brake pads and the like with you. View our list of essential mountain bike equipment to bring with you this summer.

How do we buy lift passes?

You can buy your lift passes from any of the lift stations in town. The pass covers the full mountain bike area, so you just need to decide on your duration (normally a 6-day pass for a week holiday).

What is the weather like in June/July/August/September?

The weather in the Alps is notoriously unpredictable. Broadly speaking you have as much chance of good or bad weather anytime between June and September. Usually the rain doesn't last too long as they tend to be large heavy storms (or course, there are exceptions to this).

Are the tracks rougher in August?

No, not really. The main tracks get a lot of use and so get rough pretty quickly. They do get repaired but it's a struggle to keep up. August is typically quieter so the repairs actually tend to last longer. In addition, later in the season there are usually more tracks built and developed.

Essential mountain bike equipment to bring with you

View our list of essential mountain bike equipment to bring with you this summer.