Les Gets mountain biking

Les Gets is formed of three lifts which allow access to lots of downhill runs and also several XC/all mountain routes that are well worth doing.

For XC the Chappelle de Jacquicourt is well worth doing (even on a DH bike if you can handle a pedal/push) as the views are amazing and the track back into Les Gets is great.


This lift only has one main downhill off it, although there are also several unofficial tracks as well if you keep your eyes out for tracks heading off either side. It is also the way to access the Nauchets lift and the bike park as well as the return track to Morzine.


Nauchets is the location of the Les Gets bikepark and has numerous downhill runs of all abilities running from the top.

Mont Cherry

Home to only one downhill track (although again there are several unofficial tracks). This area has been poorly looked after since the opening of the bikepark, but it's still worth a ride. For XC riders the Tour de Mont Chery is a great and not to challenging route.