Travel and airport transfers

Morzine is a very easy town to get to by either plane or car as it is only an hour from Geneva airport or 8-9 hours drive from Calais.

If you are flying you can book your airport transfers through Ski Lifts who are very used to bringing bikes. This link will get you a 10% discount on their normal rates. Prices vary depending on the numbers traveling, so for a quote please check the Ski Lifts website.

If you are driving there are several routes you can take, but we would suggest driving on the French toll roads as it makes the journey very straightfoward and painless.

Tolls for a car cost around €100 (based on 2015 prices) each way and is around 550miles each way from Calais if you take the A26 route (recommended).

For details directions please use a Sat-Nav, GPS or an online system such as Google Maps, but the route we recommend is the A26/A5/A31/A39/A40 route via Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Bourg en Bresse, Geneva, Morzine.